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Clean Mobility Shift aims to inform people about India’s progress towards an electric mobility transition and the opportunity and challenges in the adoption of EVs.

This platform tracks news, policies, technology, and market developments that are enabling the shift to clean mobility. We bring together stakeholders and experts from academia and industry to share credible research and unbiased opinions on India’s electric mobility market, and to enable faster adoption of EVs among consumers.

Transitioning to electric vehicles presents the opportunity to tackle multiple issues including, air pollution, energy security and carbon emissions. The shift will also help India generate employment, develop new technology and become a global leader in the clean mobility market.

To facilitate this deployment, this platform aims to engage, inform, and build on India's shift to clean mobility.

The platform is managed by Climate Trends, a Delhi-based strategic communications initiative working to build public understanding and inform policy decisions on important themes such as electric mobility, climate change impacts, climate policy, energy transition, and air pollution. It endevours to mainstream discussions and debates on these themes, build fact-based arguments and bridge the gap between research and decision-makers. Climate Trends works with credible national and international organisations, research institutions, NGOs, academics and think-tanks to amplify their work in the public space and engage audiences at the national and regional level.