EV Dashboard

This Electric Vehicle dashboard has been developed jointly by Clean Mobility Shift and Climate Dot Foundation with the aim of bringing transparency in e-mobility data in India. While this data is present on existing government and some non-government websites, we felt a pressing need to organize and visualize the data so that meaningful insights can be gleaned from it.

The dashboard highlights EV sales across the country in two, three, and four-wheeler categories as well as electric buses. It draws on data, in real time, from the Indian Government owned Vahan dashboard and presents it in a simplified and user-friendly manner that enables quick analysis and comparisons of vehicle sales at various levels of granularity.

On this dashboard, you can access EV sales by vehicle category, by state, by year and also by month. It can help you draw comparisons in vehicle sales in different states, annual EV sales since 2014, as well as EV penetration in states and in India across all vehicle categories collectively and individually.

At the moment, the EV dashboard is limited to sales of e-vehicles across different categories. Over time, we intend to augment it to cover the whole gamut of mobility in India. We hope that this open-data will help researchers, consultants, government officials and anyone who has a stake in mobility in India, to further their work.

We invite you to explore this dashboard and reach out to us at cleanmobilityshift@gmail.com for further information, graphs from this dashboard or simply to share feedback.


  • Electric two wheelers represent Moped, Motorcycle/Scooter, Motorised cycle above 25 cc, motorized scooter for hire
  • Electric three wheeler represent three wheeler for personal use, shared, shared low speed, goods vehicle and goods vehicle low speed
  • Electric four wheeler represent cars for personal use, cabs and cargo
  • Buses represent bus, omni bus and educational institution bus