Driving Green

India is embracing the e-mobility revolution, with ambitious national and state level targets to increase the penetration of electric vehicles, build robust charging infrastructure and EV ecosystem, and attract domestic and global investments.

Delhi has the second highest sales in the country, at 1.39 lakh EVs on road as of March 2022 and has also recently launched 300 e-buses. The city has among the most progressive and consumer friendly EV policy. Shifting to electric mobility will help reduce the city's air pollution and carbon emissions, all while being cost effective and beneficial to consumers in the long run! Join the rEVolution that's riding through Delhi's roads! Share your EV story with us using #DrivingGreen. We would love to feature your video or written story here.

panel discussion

A panel discussion on what's behind the success of Delhi's EV journey. Six speakers come together to share what's working well in Delhi and what the future holds for EVs in the capital city.


Delhi has among the highest EV sales in the country, and its charging infrastructure is growing faster than the national average. We bring together five panelists to talk about how Delhi's charging infrastructure is expected to grow in the future.


Delhi to Jaipur in an EV! An auto enthusiast takes you along on the journey, sharing the driving and charging experience.

battery swapping

How does battery swapping work? What does a battery swapping station look like? How is it cost effective? All your questions answered in this video.

delivery boy

This delivery boy uses battery swapping to charge his two wheeler and tells us why he loves it.


EV cabs are leading the way! This cab driver loves his pollution and noise free EV experience, at lower costs than petrol or diesel!

future generation

The future generation knows the value of EVs in bringing down air pollution and fighting climate change!

car owner lover

This car owner loves the smooth and easy driving experience of his EV, all while being cost effective and pollution free!

old man

This 66 year old has been using an electric two wheeler for over 6 years now because he wants to be a responsible citizen and do his bit for the environment.

driver of a government

This driver of a government owned EV says it has led to huge cost savings on maintenance and fuel.


E-auto drivers all over Delhi are a happy lot. Here what they have to say about their EV experience

two wheeler user

This e-two wheeler user shares his experience of charging his vehicle at an Ather Grid fast charging station


Launching a digital campaign


Hear what Delhiites have to say about their experience riding on e-buses

car driver

A cab driver shares his experience of why he shifted to an EV


Noise free, pollution free, and cost effective - here's why an e-auto driver and e-tempo driver love their EVs


Want to buy an EV but worried about charging? A Delhiite shares how easy it is to charge his EV at home, in the city and on outstation travel.