Triggers and barriers to EV adoption in India: A Clean Mobility Shift consumer survey

The electric vehicle segment of transport is growing globally as well as domestically. The EV ecosystem now commands headlines with states vying for space through aggressive EV policies and fuel prices charting a steady incline.  Launches of EV products and expansion of charging networks have gained significant momentum over the past year.

However, despite these positives, EV market share currently stands less than 1 percent of India’s total vehicle sales. Among the many barriers to the slow adoption, the lack of consumer acceptance still stands resolute. Consumer belief towards transition is likely to play a crucial and decisive role & public outreach will remain crucial to promote wider adoption of electric mobility.

To understand the convictions and barriers that are responsible for supporting and resisting India’s growing ecosystem, Clean Mobility Shift conducted a pan-India survey of over 800 respondents who are either current or prospective owners of automobiles. The findings hold important insights to comprehend the mindset driving India’s imminent shift to e-mobility.